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A New and Better Way to Apply Compliance Expertise

In over a decade of working in benefits compliance, we've learned that compliance training isn't organized in a way that best helps producers and account managers operate as effectively and profitably as they can on a day-to-day basis.

BCS Transform takes the practical knowledge of how benefits compliance experts become experts and brings it to life in a way that makes sense - with short, easily understandable lessons designed around how a benefits agency actually works.

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How our compliance course will help you...

Have you ever wondered how compliance experts just seem to know what applies and when?
Would you like to know how they developed that knowledge, and use it to push your
agency beyond the competition?

Have you ever wondered why the biggest agencies have large compliance teams who work closely with their producers? Why they've rationalized such a large investment for compliance?

BCS Transform was developed both with the knowledge of how compliance leaders become experts in their fields & how the largest, most successful agencies leverage this expertise to consistently win new groups away from the competition, and ensure their largest, most profitable clients remain happy year after year.

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What is included in

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Over 40 succinct, easily applicable Video Trainings on Employee Benefits Compliance

Real-world examples of how to apply the lessons to your current groups

A compliance framework centered around how you're already operating your agency

Self-paced curriculum allows you to schedule your trainings on your schedule

Learn on any device, anywhere at any time. Including mobile & tablet

Dozens of quizzes to ensure you're retaining the valuable material

An official exclusive "BCS Compliance Operations Expert" certificate

Access to all presentation materials, transcripts of the recordings & reference material

Guaranteed satisfaction or a 100% refund, no questions asked

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Meet your instructor

Sarah Borders is a veteran of the benefits industry and one of the nation's leading experts on the subject of benefits compliance.

She began her career close to 20 years ago on the administrative side of employee benefits agencies - giving her an intimate knowledge to the inner workings of a benefits business and the immense demands on producers, account managers, and account executives.

Her shift in focus on compliance started with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, leading to multiple compliance leadership positions at both small, and large agencies. She has helped hundreds of employers get compliant, eliminating millions of dollars in compliance exposure in the process.

In 2019, she co-founded Benefits Compliance Solutions to fill a gap she saw missing from benefits businesses: training design, and employer assistance, and a completeness in compliance approaches.

BCS Transform is the pinnacle of her career's work: a truly transformative program for agency owners, producers, and administrative staff.


Put BCS Transform To Work For You Today



Eliminate millions of dollars in exposure for your employer clients

Learn how compliance experts become leaders in their industry

Approach your prospect meetings with confidence

Leverage compliance insights that makes you and your agency shine

Learn at your own pace

Access to reference materials for use in your day-to-day work with employers

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Limited Offer

$745 $995

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Benefits of our course


Anytime & Anywhere

Learn on the go or at your desk. Our course can be viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile.


Broad Subject Coverage

As leading experts in the world of compliance, we cover all the major federal regulations in the course.

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Save Time

With extensive experience in applying the rules in real-world scenarios, we cut the clutter & focus on what matters most.

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Money-Back Guarantee

If BCS Transform isn't the best compliance training you've ever take, we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

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Our tried and tested methods have helped hundreds of agencies, just like yours, to guide their clients towards compliance and develop practices within their businesses to win with compliance.

The BCS Transform course is specifically built to help you in the very same way.

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