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We add a human touch to the increasingly complex world of benefits compliance. We use proven tools, technology, and process to increase the compliance capabilities across the entire EB practice to transform you into a highly profitable, competent, elite EB organization.

What other owners, brokers, and principals say about BCS:
Brent Howell.jpeg

BCS really stepped up and got us exactly what we were looking for...easy for our clients to understand, and we had a ton of positive feedback afterwards.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use their team at any point in the future."

-Brent Howell, VP of Benefits | Shareholder, Watkins Insurance Group


Compliance is so important, but complex and overwhelming – it’s just so hard to know what you don’t know. Thankfully, BCS has turned that all around! BCS helped walk a large prospect through specific reporting requirements that they were unaware of – and after a conversation with BCS and our team, they called to tell us they wanted to change their BOR to us! Having BCS as an extension of our team is a game-changer to win and keep business!"

- Elise Zielicke, Benefits Consultant, Hausmann Group

Michelle Bunker.jpeg

BCS came alongside IMG and helped clarify so many questions. I was personally very impressed, and we've gotten a ton of positive feedback on their work from our groups. I can't recommend BCS enough."

- Michelle Bunker, Director of Group Benefits, IMG

image2 (2).jpg

BCS is such an excellent resource! And, so much more flexible and fun during complicated conversation and compliance issues than anyone I have worked with."

Kalynn Stelwagen - Director of HR, Bluebonnet Haven

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Before BCS, we were struggling constantly with how to deal with compliance questions and new requirements. Since CAP, we've been able to set up processes, better communicate our compliance abilities to clients and prospects, and generally make us a happier, less stressed team. Really love working with them."

- Rhett Renken - Benefits Producer, Dimond Bros Insurance

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We've been working in the benefits compliance arena for decades now and can honestly say the BCS makes this complicated stuff really easy. We are so glad we engaged their platform to lean on them for support when we need it or if we just don't have enough time to get to the resource material. BCS is amazing."

Heather Garcia - Founder, ETC


BCS helped us conceptualize, develop and deploy a critical document which helps us accelerate impact and savings for our clients. The team at BCS was knowledgeable, organized, creative, and were very easy to work with. I fully expect we’ll collaborate with them in the future.

- Kevin Weinstein, CEO, Renalogic

Bill Storie.jpeg

The complicated and evolving issue of Employer Plan compliance has always been a challenge to interpret and implement.  In particular, COVID-related legislation/relief has created an unprecedented series of requirements needing attention in a very short amount of time.  Partnering with BCS has provided clear and factual guidance to “connect the dots” on what the legislation means to employers, and what action must be taken.  Their team has been an invaluable resource that gave us the needed insight to assist our clients!"

- Bill Storie,  Practice Leader - Employee Benefits, DSP Insurance Services


Compliance was something I was never able to keep up with as much as I wanted to - there's just way too much there. But I knew that my larger groups needed it, because that's what my competition is doing for those big groups. BCS did a fantastic job in identifying what needed to be done for these key groups, but in a manner that was understandable and made me look good to them."

- Owner, Employee Benefits Brokerage in Colorado

unnamed (4).jpg

We've had a relationship with BCS for years and they've been very beneficial for us as an insurance agency... I would highly recommend BCS to any insurance agency that wants to take their compliance to the next level."

Dal Watson - Owner, Don Crawford Insurance

Lexie Schmitgen.jpeg

I really love all the videos and seminars/webinars that come BCS! BCS is ahead of the game compared other ways brokers have to help with compliance. Amazing opportunity HG has here!

Lexie Schmitgen, Employee Benefits Client Manager - Hausmann Group

unnamed (6).jpg

They weren't only professional, they were a pleasure to work with. We were able to get our problems solved and focus on the business."

Tom Ball, Partner - Ball Peoples



We live for that "Aha!" moment when EB professionals go from frustration and avoidance of compliance to a calm confidence in their ability to use compliance as a powerful tool in growing their business.

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Eliminating $250,000 in hidden exposure: How one broker removed compliance risk and created stronger relationships with their clients

Avoiding Disaster: How BCS helped an Oklahoma broker save a key account worth $140,000

Creating the producers of the future: How BCS helped a star producer broaden his focus from cost containment into the world of compliance

  • I don't have much of a budget for compliance
    Investing in compliance is a big decision, and we recommend that any investment consider the business upside to determine whether it makes sense. With a typical 200-life group commission over $75k, efforts to land or keep such accounts can make or break a firm’s goals. When you focus on the upside, you make decisions that drive your business forward. That’s why you see the largest brokerages investing heavily in compliance. It makes business sense.
  • I use another compliance tool - how is this different?
    Most compliance services focus on do-it-yourself checklists, question and answer databases, or cookie-cutter software solutions. There’s little in terms of hands-on assistance with complex subjects, and if there is a hands-on solution (as with an ERISA attorney), the responses are often purposefully vague, or are hard to understand, rather than a response that answers the question “What do I do?” Not only are we experts in compliance, but we are also experts in the business and administrative side of benefits - which means we have deep experience in putting compliance to work within traditional agency operations.
  • Won't uncovering compliance problems make us look bad?
    In most scenarios, the answer is no. We’ve found that the employers’ expectations of brokers are usually high in the realm of insurance products, features, and administration, but generally lower when it comes to the finest details of compliance. As a result, we’ve found the response of employers is much more frequently one of gratitude – a response brokers seek when interacting with their groups.
  • I only have small group accounts
    Small groups have compliance needs as well. Remember that these are the groups that can least afford to receive a fine, penalty, or lawsuit. It’s often forgotten that most ERISA requirements, many ACA requirements, many State-level requirements and filings apply to small groups.
  • I don't have time to deal with compliance right now - I'm busy with renewals, etc.
    While certain seasons are busier than others in the benefits industry, there are no seasons where compliance is irrelevant. Your competition doesn’t stop calling on your key groups, looking for what you're missing just because it's busy season.The IRS, DOL, HHS, and other enforcement bodies don’t take a break either. We strongly feel that if you’re not confident with compliance, the best time to do something about it is now.
  • We’re going to hire someone full-time to handle compliance
    That’s great - you obviously see it as a priority. What you may not recognize is how hard or expensive it is to find an expert. Most recs for full-time compliance positions take many months (or a year) to fill, cost $150-$200k/year, and have a long ramp-up period. Partnering with BCS, on the other hand, is fast, painless, uses a proven process from day one, and costs a fraction of a full-time hire.
  • We already have someone on staff who handles compliance
    Most of our clients do as well. What we’ve found is that the supplemental help and unique processes and perspectives of BCS make these existing resources far more productive, and provide an even greater level of care for your employer groups.
  • I can’t stand compliance - don’t want to mess with it
    We get it. On a scale of 1-10, compliance usually scores a negative on the fun scale. That doesn’t mean it isn’t vital for your business. It’s easy to imagine a 6-figure revenue client leaving because you missed something important - and we see it all the time. Often the most important efforts in your business are the ones you least want to tackle - but you’re always happy that you did. Our human approach, administrative background, and process remove more pain from compliance than you might think.
  • We don’t need the help - we’re referral only and most of our accounts have been with us forever

    We're glad for your success - but the benefits business is changing. Even in smaller markets, HR professionals are getting more technical and more aware of the compliance responsibilities for employers. Combine this with new products and approaches to group plans and we’re seeing even the well-established agencies losing long-standing accounts to those providing new insight and approaches. The only constant in business is change - and benefits business is in the middle of a renaissance.

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