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A New and Better Way to Apply Compliance Expertise

In over a decade of working in benefits compliance, we've learned that compliance training isn't organized in a way that best helps producers and account managers operate as effectively and profitably as they can on a day-to-day basis.

BCS Transform takes the practical knowledge of how benefits compliance experts become experts, and brings it to life in a revolutionary way: with short, easily understandable lessons designed around how a benefits agency actually works.

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What other benefits professionals are saying about BCS:

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We've been working in the benefits compliance arena for decades now and can honestly say the BCS makes this complicated stuff really easy. We are so glad we engaged their platform.

Heather Garcia - Founder, ETC

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BCS Transform has made training new producers and staying on top of compliance changes quick and easy.  The information is in-depth and tailored to the insurance industry perspective, making it very adaptable to day-to-day indoctrination.  This has been a unique and invaluable solution!

Kelly Baird - Principal, Planning Services

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I just started my coursework and I'm already better off. You've got to know this stuff and BCS Transform will definitely put you way ahead of your competition.

Frank Kohn, - Principal, High Value Strategic Advisors

How it will help?
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How our compliance course will help you...

Have you ever wondered how compliance experts just seem to know what applies and when?
Would you like to know how they developed that knowledge, and use it to push your
agency beyond the competition?

Have you ever wondered why the biggest agencies have large compliance teams who work closely with their producers? Why they've rationalized such a large investment for compliance?

BCS Transform was developed with the knowledge of how compliance leaders become experts in their fields and how the largest, most successful agencies leverage this expertise in their business. BCS Transform can help you do the same to win new groups away from the competition, and ensure their largest, most profitable clients remain happy year after year.

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What is included in

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An ever-expanding library of succinct, easily applicable video trainings on employee benefits compliance

Real-world examples of how to apply the lessons to your current groups

A compliance framework centered around how you're already operating your agency

Self-paced curriculum allowing you to schedule your trainings around your day

Learn on any device, anywhere, at any time, including mobile & tablet

Dozens of quizzes to ensure you're retaining the valuable material

An official exclusive "BCS Compliance Operations Expert" certificate for completion of coursework

Access to all presentation materials, transcripts of the recordings & reference material

Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back

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Monthly video updates on the latest regulations and changes

Access to our monthly newsletter and email alerts on hot benefits compliance topics

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What's included?
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Meet your instructor

Sarah Borders is a veteran of the benefits industry and one of the nation's leading experts on the subject of benefits compliance.

She began her career close to 20 years ago on the administrative side of employee benefits agencies - giving her an intimate knowledge to the inner workings of a benefits business and the immense demands on producers, account managers, and account executives.

Her shift in focus on compliance started with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, leading to multiple compliance leadership positions at both small, and large agencies. She has helped hundreds of employers get compliant, eliminating millions of dollars in compliance exposure in the process.

In 2019, she co-founded Benefits Compliance Solutions to fill a gap she saw missing from benefits businesses: training design,  employer assistance, and a completeness in compliance approaches.

BCS Transform is the pinnacle of her career's work: a truly transformative program for agency owners, producers, and administrative staff.


Put BCS Transform To Work For You Today

Your Instructor
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Not only are we adding a lot more value for our clients and prospects, but we’re also much more efficient in how our internal teams operate.

Melissa Reynolds, Director of Operations, CPI

whitney blair headshot.jpeg

I want to say how much BCS Transform has helped me learn – far exceeding my expectations. Each “self-paced” course has provided me with valuable information in an easy to understand way. I highly recommend BCS Transform to anyone wanting to grow their knowledge in the always evolving world of compliance.

Whitney Blair, Client Success Consultant, IMG


Eliminate millions of dollars in exposure for your employer clients

Learn how compliance experts become leaders in their industry

Approach your prospect meetings with confidence

Leverage compliance insights that makes you and your agency shine

Learn at your own pace

Access to reference materials for use in your day-to-day work with employers

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Keep up to date on the latest news, regulations, and industry trends

Regular updates to existing trainings, and new trainings added every month

Differentiate your agency from the competition

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All this for only


with a one-time setup fee of


*per user license


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't have much of a budget for compliance
    Investing in compliance is a big decision, and we recommend that any investment consider the business upside to determine whether it makes sense. With a typical 200-life group commission over $75k, efforts to land or keep such accounts can make or break a firm’s goals. When you focus on the upside, you make decisions that drive your business forward. That’s why you see the largest brokerages investing heavily in compliance. It makes business sense.
  • I use another compliance tool - how is this different?
    Most compliance services focus on do-it-yourself checklists, question and answer databases, or cookie-cutter software solutions. There’s little in terms of hands-on assistance with complex subjects, and if there is a hands-on solution (as with an ERISA attorney), the responses are often purposefully vague, or are hard to understand, rather than a response that answers the question “What do I do?” Not only are we experts in compliance, but we are also experts in the business and administrative side of benefits - which means we have deep experience in putting compliance to work within traditional agency operations.
  • Won't uncovering compliance problems make us look bad?
    In most scenarios, the answer is no. We’ve found that the employers’ expectations of brokers are usually high in the realm of insurance products, features, and administration, but generally lower when it comes to the finest details of compliance. As a result, we’ve found the response of employers is much more frequently one of gratitude – a response brokers seek when interacting with their groups.
  • I only have small group accounts
    Small groups have compliance needs as well. Remember that these are the groups that can least afford to receive a fine, penalty, or lawsuit. It’s often forgotten that most ERISA requirements, many ACA requirements, many State-level requirements and filings apply to small groups.
  • I don't have time to deal with compliance right now - I'm busy with renewals, etc.
    While certain seasons are busier than others in the benefits industry, there are no seasons where compliance is irrelevant. Your competition doesn’t stop calling on your key groups, looking for what you're missing just because it's busy season.The IRS, DOL, HHS, and other enforcement bodies don’t take a break either. We strongly feel that if you’re not confident with compliance, the best time to do something about it is now.
  • We’re going to hire someone full-time to handle compliance
    That’s great - you obviously see it as a priority. What you may not recognize is how hard or expensive it is to find an expert. Most recs for full-time compliance positions take many months (or a year) to fill, cost $150-$200k/year, and have a long ramp-up period. Partnering with BCS, on the other hand, is fast, painless, uses a proven process from day one, and costs a fraction of a full-time hire.
  • We already have someone on staff who handles compliance
    Most of our clients do as well. What we’ve found is that the supplemental help and unique processes and perspectives of BCS make these existing resources far more productive, and provide an even greater level of care for your employer groups.
  • I can’t stand compliance - don’t want to mess with it
    We get it. On a scale of 1-10, compliance usually scores a negative on the fun scale. That doesn’t mean it isn’t vital for your business. It’s easy to imagine a 6-figure revenue client leaving because you missed something important - and we see it all the time. Often the most important efforts in your business are the ones you least want to tackle - but you’re always happy that you did. Our human approach, administrative background, and process remove more pain from compliance than you might think.
  • We don’t need the help - we’re referral only and most of our accounts have been with us forever

    We're glad for your success - but the benefits business is changing. Even in smaller markets, HR professionals are getting more technical and more aware of the compliance responsibilities for employers. Combine this with new products and approaches to group plans and we’re seeing even the well-established agencies losing long-standing accounts to those providing new insight and approaches. The only constant in business is change - and benefits business is in the middle of a renaissance.
Transform FAQs
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Benefits of our course


Anytime & Anywhere

Learn on the go or at your desk. Our course can be taken on desktop, on the go with your tablet or mobile.


Broad Subject Coverage

As leading experts in the world of compliance, we cover all the major federal regulations in the course.

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Save Time

With extensive experience in applying the rules in real-world scenarios, we cut the clutter & focus on what matters most.

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Money-Back Guarantee

If BCS Transform isn't the best compliance training you've ever taken, we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

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Our tried and tested methods have helped hundreds of agencies, just like yours, to guide their clients towards compliance and develop practices within their businesses to win with compliance.

The BCS Transform course is specifically built to help you in the very same way.

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