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Benefits Advisor Compliance Toolkit

With hundreds of rules, regulations, and deadlines for employers, keeping track of everything is harder than ever. Having the right tools and guides can make a big difference in how you're perceived as a "trusted advisor, as well as how efficiently your service team is able to deliver to your employer clients' needs.

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BCS Compliance Calendar Suite

Knowing what regulations apply and when can make a massive difference in how you appear to your employer clients. It can also serve as a great planning tool for your internal operations team. Our BCS Compliance Calendar suite comes with a rolling compliance calendar tool that provides different due dates for non 1/1 plan year employers, as well as a more comprehensive year-long overview of the major federal requirements.

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Self-Insured vs Fully-Insured Compliance Chart

With the industry emphasis on self-funding as a cost containment tool, there has arisen a major gap in the understanding of how fully-insured vs self-funded compliance requirements differ. This tool provides an overview of the major differences in an easy-to-reference chart.


If you want to appear an expert in all things self-funded, it's a fantastic tool to round out your needs.  

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2024 ACA Affordability Calculator

How do you know if a plan is "affordable," per the ACA requirements?

With this simple tool and a few pieces of information (premium for lowest-cost individual plan, pay period frequency), you can easily determine if the plan will run afoul with the ACA's affordability requirements for Applicable Large Employers.

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Ownership & Eligibility Rules Matrix

One of the trickiest aspects of benefits compliance is understanding what can, and cannot be done in terms of providing benefits to the owners of a business. In this simple tool, we provide clarification on the most important (and most frequently broken) rules of eligibility for owners, so that claims aren't denied, or worse, for the owners of your employer clients' businesses.

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Full Benefits Advisor Suite - Get them all for 40% off!

You never know what questions may come or what situations may arise with your book of business. That's why it's always a good idea to have all the tools you need ready at a moments notice. For a limited time, we're offering 40% off the normal price for the comprehensive suite of all tools listed above.

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