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It's Never Too Late

On my 40th birthday, I wanted to share a simple, but relevant message: It's Never Too Late. No matter what you're dreaming of, you can find an example of someone that's gone on to achieve it under more difficult circumstances than you're currently in - and that includes, of course, getting older. The examples are inspiring:

  • Colonel Sanders started KFC at 65

  • Ray Kroc founded McDonalds at 52

  • Paul Cezanne had his first art exhibit at 56

  • Momofuku Ando invented the Ramen cup of noodles at 61

And a few lesser known examples:

  • Yuichiro Miura climbed Mount Everest at 80

  • Marcie Jaworski lost 103 lbs at 61

And little old (not so old) me: Determined to enter my 40s in great shape, I've lost 25 lbs over the past 4 months.

So whether you're 30 or 70, remember - you can do this. It's Never Too Late.

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